Most of the Xactimate shortcut keys have been retained to allow a smooth transition to the new version of Xactimate. A few, however, have been removed or changed to allow integration with the new features and user interface.

The following shortcut keys have been changed:
Function Old Shortcut New Shortcut
For the following View Functions, Sketch must be in 3D view (3)
View Top Ctrl + 1 Shift + 1
View Front Ctrl + 2 Shift + 2
View Back Ctrl + 3 Shift + 3
View Left Ctrl + 4 Shift + 4
View Right Ctrl + 5 Shift + 5
View Front Left Ctrl + 6 Shift + 6
View Front Right Ctrl + 7 Shift + 7
View Back Left Ctrl + 8 Shift + 8
View Back Right Ctrl + 9 Shift + 9
Load View 1 Shift + 1 No Shortcut
Load View 2 Shift + 2 No Shortcut
Load View 3 Shift + 3 No Shortcut
Load View 4 Shift + 4 No Shortcut
Load View 5 Shift + 5 No Shortcut
Load View 6 Shift + 6 No Shortcut
Load View 7 Shift + 7 No Shortcut
Load View 8 Shift + 8 No Shortcut
Load View 9 Shift + 9 No Shortcut
Load View 10 Shift + 0 No Shortcut
Zoom to Extent (fit all items in workspace) Ctrl +Shift + Z Ctrl + Minus sign,Shift + Minus sign, Ctrl + Shift + Minus sign
Zoom to Selection Shift + Z Ctrl + Plus sign
Save Macro F10 Ctrl + Shift + M
Open Macros Shift + F10 Ctrl + M
Load copy from Existing tool X (after adding second level) No shortcut
Scope Mode Shift + S No Shortcut
Navigate the Estimate    
Go to Insured Info Ctrl + I Ctrl + N
Go to Parameters Ctrl + P Ctrl + R
Open Digital Images Ctrl + Shift + G Ctrl + I
Go to XactContents No shortcut Ctrl + Q
Go to Estimate Items Line Item Entry Ctrl + Q Ctrl + E
Go to Estimate Items Summary List Ctrl + M No shortcut
Open Estimate Reports No shortcut Ctrl + P
Open Underwriting Checklist No shortcut Ctrl + W
Open Work Order Ctrl + W No shortcut
Open Line Item Notes No shortcut F9
Open Payment Tracker Ctrl +A + O No shortcut
Populate Smartlists F5 No shortcut
Go to Edit menu Alt + E No shortcut
Go to Help menu Alt + H No shortcut
Go to Tool menu Alt + O No shortcut
Go to Language menu Alt + L No shortcut
Go to Estimate menu Alt + T No shortcut
Go to View menu Alt + V No shortcut
Go to Windows menu Alt + W No shortcut
The following shortcut keys have not been changed
Function Shortcut  
Room R  
Wall Shift+W  
Roof F  
Browse Roof types Spacebar  
Dormer E  
Staircase C  
Deck Shift + D  
Fence Ctrl + F  
Doorway D  
Window W  
Missing wall M  
Square Break tool B  
Vertex tool V  
Flip horizontally [  
Flip vertically ]  
Rotate clockwise Q  
Set Scale G  
Orientation N  
Flooring Orientation Direction to lay floor covering \  
Block O  
Reference Line L  
Reference Area A  
Reference Point P  
Toggle Calculations On/Off J  
Open Level Properties Ctrl + Enter  
Annotation Text T  
Line tool Shift + | (Pipe sign)  
Arrow tool /  
Rectangle tool Shift + R  
Ellipse tool 0  
Fill tool Shift + I  
Display high detail view Shift + H  
Display super detail view Shift + E  
Display normal view Shift + N  
Save current view Shift + V  
Show or hide Labels Shift + L  
Show or hide Measurements Shift + M  
Show or hide Bearing Wall Shift + B  
Show or hide Flooring Overlay Ctrl + Shift + O  
Show or hide Framing Ctrl + Shift + F  
Show or hide Grid Shift + G  
Show or hide Imported Underlay Shift + U  
Show or hide Outline Shift + O  
Show or hide Ceiling Surface Shift + C  
Open flooring cuts Shift + Q  
Snap line tool S  
 Pan tool On/Off Spacebar  
Pan tool H  
Plan view 1  
Elevation View 2  
Camera View 3  
Zoom Out Press Minus sign  
Zoom In Press Plus sign  
Opposite face view in Elevation View Shift + F  
Walk through mode K  
Snap grid Shift + P  
Reset window layout Ctrl + Shift + R  
Open Search window Ctrl + Shift + 1  
Open Images window Ctrl + Shift + 4  
Activate item and activities window Ctrl + Shift + 2  
Open Add Line Item Insert  
Combine rooms Ctrl + Shift + C  
Separate rooms Ctrl + Shift + S  
Go to next level Ctrl + Page Down  
Go to previous level Ctrl + Page Up  
Rotate loaded object clockwise Tab  
Rotate loaded object counter-clockwise Shift + Tab  
Switch between plan view and 3-D view Shift + Space  
Arc wall Shift + A  
Line Shift + \  
Load Copy from Underlay tool U (after adding second level)  
Cancel active tool Esc  
Copy room Ctrl + Drag Room  
Copy wall Ctrl + Drag Wall  
Move workspace Arrows  
Rotate selected item Click(Hold) + Tab  
Turn off default snap for selected item Shift + Drag Item  
Default zoom Backspace  
Zoom Z  
Aerial Sketch    
Create roof F  
Create faces C  
Ridge line R  
Hip Ridge line P  
Edge line E  
Auto line type A  
Find roof Perimeter M  
Orientation N  
Interior line I  
Valley Y  
Select alternate rotation line Tab  
Hide segmentation Alt  
Shorter/longer rotation lines Left/Right Arrows  
Loosen/tighten perimeter Up/Down Arrows  
Rotate loaded object clockwise Tab  
Rotate loaded object counter-clockwise Shift + Tab  
Navigate the Estimate    
Go to Coverage/Loss Ctrl + L  
Go to Sketch Ctrl + K  
Open Totals Summary Report Ctrl + T  
Copy Ctrl + C  
Paste Ctrl + V  
Cut Ctrl + X  
Delete Delete  
Undo last action Ctrl + Z  
Edit Grouping name, Room, Code, Coverage F2 (Select name from Grouping Filter)  
Save an Estimate Ctrl + S  
Estimate Items    
View Item Information F8  
Select all items Ctrl + A  
Add an item in the middle of a list Insert  
Xactimate Online    
Show or hide Bearing Wall Ctrl + B Alt + Ctrl + B
Load View List Ctrl + Shift+ L Alt + Ctrl + Shift + L
Open Macros Shift + F10 Alt + Ctrl + M
Save Macro Ctrl + Shift+ M Alt + Ctrl + Shift + M

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